Sunday, May 3, 2009

Kobra and the Lotus at the Underground- Calgary, AB

This show was unreal. I guess it was so unreal cause I had no idea Brit was such a good rocker. Her voice is so unique and she is easy on the eyes as are her band mates. The whole band is one pile of rockin' hotness and to me that equals star power. The gig was held at the underground club, which is below the Warehouse an old watering hole of mine. Headbangers littered the front row of the the set and found myself banging my head to the righteous tunes as well. Do you all see why Brit is full on Lilly Lab Rat material? Rock on sister!! What a liberating show.

Ready to ride my bike over to Underground

Brit fronting Kobra and the Lotus- such a sick show!

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