Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Big Scary Trade Show....SIA

Well, it isn't exactly scary from a buying stand point, but from a weeny little company called Lilly Lab's perspective it is.  Here I am down in Las Vegas, doing the buying for MMS and braving the storm on the Little Lab front too, handing out catalogues, feeling my skin grow thicker by the minute.  I got a little discombobulated... as I was trying to order one minute and all I could noticed were the people I wish knew, so I could tell them what Lilly Lab is all about.  

One thing's for sure... if you have "brand power"  you are sailing.  OK, yes you do have to have a good product, but part of me really wonders how some companies do so well selling such shit!  If only I had $2ook to spend on a full outerwear collection.  People wouldn't know what to do.  The ideas I have, and not being able to get them made, cause the banks are so freaked to give out business loans is a a sad thing.  Just wait though, I will find a way, and Lilly Lab will be leading the way.  Stores just have to get on board and support this movement.  These shirts sell really well, I mean really well and there's no denying that.   

Support the female sideways riding movement.  Male or female, just support it.

Crossing my fingies for:
Miss Boarder
Shredding Betty
Sporting Life
Passport Clothing Company
Society Snow and Skate
Mt. Magic Freestyle
Over the Rainbow

Already selling in the phatest, totally cult and cool MMS in Banff, what an honor!

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